Aramith Tournament Champion SuperPro1G snookersarja

Voidaan lähettää 1-5 päivän kuluessa

298,00 / settiä
Toimituksen paino: 3,5 kg

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Aramith -laatu takaa parhaat pelihetket pelaajille


  • Valmistettu maailman johtavan pallovalmistajan tiukkojen laatuvaatimusten mukaisesti
  • Jokainen pallo on erikseen testattu ja punnittu 1 gramman toleranssiin
  • Täydellinen tasapaino
  • Suojaava fenolikerros
  • Toimitetaan valkoisella lyöntipallolla (ei täpliä)


Not just a smart buy but a wise investment

snookerpallotA quality investment

Perfectly round and balanced - uniform weight and hardness -brilliant colours - friction resistant roll and reaction - are just a few of the key features that have earned Aramith its worldwide reputation as the premiere ball. Aramith balls are internationally approved for tournaments and championships.

A lifetime investment

Aramith phenolic balls last up to 5 times longer than other balls made from polymers or polyester. The billiard-play simulator leaves no doubt : Aramith phenolic balls are still perfectly playable even after 400000 hits, whereas others were rendered unusable. No wonder they are the logical choice for commercial and private table-owners. 

A money-saving investment

Thanks to their exceptionally long service life Aramith guarantees the lowest ball cost over time. The extra hard phenolic surface drastically reduces burn spots on both balls and cloth. As a result, balls need to be polished and replaced far less, saving both time and money.

A money-making investment

Aramith balls on the table attract league and tournament players. They enhance the quality image and reputation of any club. Regulars and newcomers stay to improve their play. By generating more income out of each table while lowering operating costs, Aramith balls help increase profits in the long run. And that's how one gets to see the real colour of money.



Tuote Huomaa Tila Hinta
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Strachan 6811 Club snookerverka 198cm Strachan 6811 Club snookerverka 198cm
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Toimituksen paino: 1 kg
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